Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator Emulation
by Marat Fayzullin

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Screenshot The Latest Version of AlmostTI is 2.1!
As of May 14 2009, the AlmostTI source code is available for those wishing to extend the emulator or port it to a new platform. The source code also includes a preliminary Unix port. Please note that you cannot use AlmostTI sources for commercial purposes and have to make a clear reference to me, Marat Fayzullin as the original author of the code.

Huge thanks go to Andrew Zhilin (aka wazd) who created beautiful faceplate images for AlmostTI, one of which you can see at the right.

The complete list of features and the list of new features and fixes can be found in the documentation. Please, look for bugs and submit bug reports and fixes to me.

What is AlmostTI?
AlmostTI is a program that emulates Z80-based graphing calculators made by Texas Instruments. Currently, it can handle TI81, TI82, TI83, TI83+, TI83+SE, TI84+SE, TI85, and TI86, with support for more models coming later. I have mostly written AlmostTI for the Nokia Internet Tablets (such as N800 and N810), but the code is portable and will happily run on any other sufficiently fast 32bit hardware.

The AlmostTI source code will be made available at this site as soon as I make sure that it is reasonably complete. My copyright policy is simple: you can use my code for non-profit purposes as long as you give me a proper credit with my name, URL, etc. Using the whole code as it is and calling it a different name is not permitted though, just like any other form of plagiarism. If you wish to use AlmostTI source code for commercial purposes, you will have to license it from me. Latest AlmostTI news, information, and source code are always available from

More information about AlmostTI, including FAQ, porting information, command line options, key bindings, and other useful stuff, can be found in the AlmostTI documentation.

Licensing AlmostTI
The AlmostTI source code is written in portable C and will work on any sufficiently fast computing platform, be it a personal computer, a videogame console, a PDA, a cell phone, a set-top box, a DVD or MP3 player, or even a digital camera. Some examples of AlmostTI being ported to various platforms can be found below on this page. If your company intends to use TI emulation in its products, you can license the AlmostTI source code from me to use it for commercial purposes. I am also available for consulting work in the software emulation, embedded programming, and other fields. See my resume and contact me if interested.


At This Site
[#] AlmostTI 2.1 Android for Android phones and tablets
[#] AlmostTI 1.3 portable source code
[#] AlmostTI 1.3 Maemo for Nokia N800/N810 tablets (or install directly to device)
[#] EMUL8 Page documents, tools, libraries, Z80 core, etc.
[#] The Address Book look up email addresses here
AlmostTI Ports to...
[#] AlmostTI 1.3 Unix sources modified by Doug Melton
[#] Andie Graph for Android phones by Doug Melton
[#] AlmostTI for Playbook by Travis Redpath
Required ROM Images
File Description
TI85.ROMTI85 firmware
TI86.ROMTI86 firmware
TI82.ROMTI82 firmware
TI83.ROMTI83 firmware
TI83P.ROMTI83+ firmware
ROM files not available for copyright reasons


TI85 mode, plotting a function

TI86 mode, after bootup

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